611 at RAF Cosford

When we arrived at Cosford in the minibuses, we were spilt into  two groups. One group was led by Flt Lt Tipping and the other was led by Fg Off Kennaugh.

We were taken around the hangars and showed many aircrafts, not only planes but helicopters too, and even a tank in the War in the Air display. There are many displays such as the War in the Air Hangar, the National Cold War Exhibition, Hangar 1, the History of the Royal Air Force Gallery, and the Test Flight hangar. There was also an outdoor display. We were taught many things about all the displays, such as what the ailerons, flaps, elevators and rudders do and where they are on a plane, and how the British nicknamed the Japanese planes because they could not pronounce the Japanese names.

After looking around a few of the hangars and learning lots about the aircrafts we had lunch on the minibuses and switched groups. We walked around the remaining hangars, learning more about the aircrafts and their histories. For instance, we learnt that previously, before the Grob Tutor, there was the Bulldog and before that the Chipmunk used for training piolets. Later we were given a quiz sheet and were told that the person who gets the most answers right would win £10. Because of this we all tried extremely hard to get most answers. We explored the hangars ourselves and tried to find all the answers, sometimes having to go back to hangers several times!

We arrived back at the minibuses at the arranged time to mark our quizzes and headed back to the squadron.


Cdt Wilson