Air Cadets Flying, with 10 Air Experience Flying (10 AEF)

Flying is one of the primary activities of the Air Cadets. One of the aims of the Air Cadets is to ensure that every cadet has the experience of flying in an aircraft at least once a year. There are dedicated Air Experience Flights (AEF) around the country specially dedicated to flying cadets. We are fortunate in that our squadron is based at R.A.F. Woodvale alongside A.E.F. No 10, who provide the opportunity to fly the Grob Tutor light aircraft for all Merseyside Cadets. In addition every opportunity is taken to fly with the RAF when and where-ever possible. Cadets who attend annual camps, based upon R.A.F. Stations around the Country and in some instances abroad, may fly on transport aircraft such as C147’s , Globe-master and Tri-star. Opportunities sometimes arise were a Cadet may also get to fly in helicopters such as the Chinook and Merlin. Some lucky cadets may even end up flying in a Royal Air Force, fast jet such as the Hawk, Tornado or Typhoon.

The Grob Tutor aircraft is used by the Air Cadets for Air Experience Flying (AEF). As with most things in life you have to earn the reward so before you can fly you will need to pass your First Class Cadet Assessment. This will introduce you to the aircraft and its controls as well as airfield safety and the procedures you will have to follow when you go flying.

When you go flying you will travel up with a group of cadets from the Squadron. Before flying begins you will be given a thorough safety brief, this will consist of a video and a briefing by the A.E.F. No 10 Staff.

Once you have completed the safety brief you will be taken to be fitted with your flying gear. You will be given a flying suit, parachute and ‘bone dome’ helmet. You will be escorted out to the aircraft by a Staff Cadet and strapped in. Then you’re off! The flight should last between 20 and 30 minutes. If it’s your first flight the Pilot may just let you sit back and enjoy the flight. In later flights you will get to take control of the aircraft and perform aerobatics.

If you are lucky enough to go on Annual Camp or one of our Green Camps at Altcar or Nescliff Training Camp with our Squadron you may get the opportunity to fly in an RAF aircraft or helicopter such as the Chinnock, Merlin or Griffen. Many of the personnel serving with the RAF are ex-cadets and they are always keen to provide flying opportunities for cadets where available.