Dining In 2015

This years Annual Dining in Night was undoubtedly a successful night and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended.

The night started with the formal photo and once everyone had sat down the squadron padre, Reverend Anne Taylor, saying grace. We then enjoyed a tasty minestrone soup and a buttered roll as a starter. Between the time of finishing the soup and waiting for the main course my fellow cadets and I reminisced about our recruitment and early days of being a cadet, joking around and then talked about squadron matters. The main course arrived which was seasoned chicken, vegetables and gravy or the vegetarian option which was a cheese filled pasta in tomato sauce and vegetables. I enjoyed my meal and presumed everyone else did as all the plates I could see were empty.

Dessert was a lovely choice; profiteroles and chocolate sauce with strawberries and cream. This part of the meal disappeared in an instant; delicious. The hot drinks and mints were then served as everyone relaxed with a full stomach. Toasts were then started by Mr Vice (Cadet Warburton) and there were many inspirational stories told and kudos dished out to various staff and officers as well as the caterers and cadets. Once all the speeches were finished and we were dismissed by Mr Vice I and other cadets mingled with the guests and officers. After an hour or so of chatting and getting some good advice on joining the RAF I went home. A very good evening in my eyes.


Cadet Corporal Delahunty