Field Training Day

Every year, all squadrons in the Merseyside Wing come together for a competition day, this is called Field Training Day. This is usually held at Wade Deacon High School in Widnes.

The competetions include Drill, Banner Drill, Aero Modeling, First Aid, and a Uniform Inspection.

The Cadets prepare for the event over 2-3 months of practice. This involves training Cadets in the drill team, putting the models together and practicing First Aid procedures.

Once all Squadrons have competeted, there is a final parade which takes place around 4pm. During the parade any Squadrons who have won competetions during the year for any activities will be awareded their trophy.

This year was a big achievement for 611 Woodvale Sqadron as we came 5th in the Drill Competition.


Our full results for Field Training Day 2015

– Drill 5th,

– First aid 14th,

– Aircraft Recognition 14th and 5th,

– .22 Shoot 3rd, Full Bore 17th,

– Clay Shoot 8th,

– Project (recruitment video) 20th,

– Aero Modeling 25th,

– Archery 17th,

– Flight Simulator 15th,

– Media Comunications 4th,

– Duke of Edinburgh 7th,

– Annual Inspection 14th,

– Sports 29th,

Overall 15th